Our company

We manufacture, sell and deliver the premium quality fiberglass garden pools.

We present you the best and the most beautiful ­fiberglass pools and pool enclosures on the market, which are very high-quality, durable and resistant to the weather conditions.

We have got many years of experience in the pool industry, what allows us to deliver solutions of the highest class. For the production of our polyester pools and pool enclosures are used only the highest quality original European materials from German manufacturer BÜFA appreciated by the Lloyd certificate, which guarantees durability and full safety. Premium quality is our standard.


For many years, we have been focusing on continuous development, investments and building a team of specialists in the field of production technology, management, sales, transport and logistics. Thanks to these activities, DreamPools has become a brand with European recognition, whose products and services stand out on the market and meet all the expectations of our customers.

Quality and optimazation

Comprehensiveness of the offer, quality and optimization in every element as well as cooperation with suppliers who are leaders on the European market are the factors thanks to which DreamPools has so far gained the trust of thousands of individual customers and business partners throughout Europe.

Why DreamPools is the best choice for you?

Sales and customer service

Production of fiberglass pools

Why are our fiberglass pools a market leader? Because we utilize the latest technologies and modern machinery in production. Our advanced manufacturing processes ensure that each fiberglass pool is not only durable, but also easy to maintain.

Our fiberglass pools recognized as the best on the market, stand out not only for their advanced design but also for the use of innovative materials, ensuring durability and trouble-free operation for years. Thanks to precise technologies and modern machinery used in the production process, we can guarantee that each fiberglass pool meets the highest standards of quality.

Dreampools customers service

Sales and customer service

We will prepare the best offer for you appropriate to your individual needs. We will advise you on a suitable solution and share our experience, so that your investment will give you complete satisfaction.

Save time and money by choosing our customer service. We guarantee that you will not only receive the most attractive offer but also professional advice that will make your shopping experience exceptionally satisfying. At the same time, you can be confident that you are paying the best possible price for a top-quality product. Discover how beneficial collaboration with us can be!

Modern production area

Explore the world of premium quality fiberglass pool, where innovation meets perfection. Our modern production is based on advanced technologies and an innovative machine park, which are key elements in creating the highest-quality polyester pools.

Introduce modernity, elegance, and quality into your garden by choosing fiberglass pool, that is the result of advanced technologies and a passion for perfection. Our polyester pools are not just ordinary garden products – they are expression of a modern lifestyle.

Fiberglass pool production

Transport and logistics

Thousands of completed orders allowed us to refine the delivery process to perfection. Our fleet of trucks equipped with the most modern devices available on the market allows us to efficiently load, transport and unload your fiberglass pool, regardless of weather conditions and the place of delivery. As a result, the delivery process is trouble-free and stress-free for you.

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