Our technology

The technological solutions used in the construction of our polyester pools have been refined to perfection.

Our high-quality fiberglass pools are characterized by modern design and innovative solutions. Their construction is designed to provide maximum durability and safety for the whole family. We use only the best materials, ensuring resistance to weather conditions, damage, and long-lasting aesthetics.

Construction of our polyester garden pools is made of as many as 9 layers of the highest quality materials by the German manufacturer BÜFA appreciated by the Lloyd certificate for meeting the marine criteria, which guarantees durability and full safety.

1-2Layers of gelcoat

1 – 2. The first two layers of the polyester pool are gelcoat, which is a substance that protects our garden pool against UV rays, pool chemistry and osmosis, which is why its selection is so important. BÜFA gelcoat is a guarantee of expressive, shiny color and a completely smooth swimming pool surface for many years. It’s important, that afer many years of use your garden swimming pool continues to enjoy the eyesight.

3Vinylester barrier

The third layer of the garden swimming pool is a vinylester barrier, which plays the most important role in protecting the polyester pools against osmosis. The most important is that the anti-osmosis barrier in our polyester swimming pools are a pure vinylester resin carefully composed by BÜFA technologists.

4Powder mat

The fourth layer is a powder mat, which additionally supports the vinylester coating in defense against osmosis. The powder particles contained in the mat dissolve in the vinyl resin to form a real anti-osmosis shield.

5Polyester resin coating

They are responsible for the massiveness and rigidity of the whole basin. Depending on the swimming pool size, different weights of glass mats are used.

6Construction layers

They are responsible for the massiveness and rigidity of the whole polyester basin. Depending on the fiberglass swimming pool size, different weights of glass mats are used.

7Top coat

It protects our garden polyester pools from moisture on the ground side. Does not allow water to get inside the laminate.


We use PVC reinforcements to additionally stiffen our fiberglass swimming pool basin. They are mounted to the longest side walls.

9PUR isolation

PUR insulation in the form of closed cell polyurethane foam is an additional protection of Your polyester garden pool against moisture and external factors.

The carefully selected materials and solutions mean, that we can offer you 15 years warranty for pool’s tightness, 2 years warranty for color protection and 2 years warranty for osmosis. This level of security allows you to fully relax in the comfort of your own garden.

Our team of experts is always ready to assist in every aspect – from choosing the right model to installation and service. We are always ready to help you choose the perfect fiberglass pool for your garden and customize it to your needs.