Great functionalityin a compact form

Fiberglass pool

Bari 3,50 x 2,20 x 1,10 m

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Compact pool for every garden

During the process of designing a small garden pool Bari, we had got one fundamental idea in our mind. We wanted to provide owners of small gardens the opportunity to experience the same level of comfort, relaxation and satisfaction from having a professional garden pool, that owners of large fiberglass swimming pools can experience. This is how a small garden pool Bari was created. Its compact dimensions make it fit even in a very small garden.

Safe and ergonomic stairs

Thanks to the refined design and the use of the highest quality materials, our stairs combine durability with modern aesthetics. Their ergonomic shape ensures easy and safe entry into the small garden pool, which is invaluable both for the youngest swimming enthusiasts and for older individuals who value comfort and independence.

Premium quality

Every polyester pool is a work of art for us. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that our product not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of our customers. Each element of our premium fiberglass pools has been carefully designed to combine the highest quality with perfection in execution. We use only top-class materials, which ensures not only exceptional durability but also unprecedented aesthetics. Ideal for those who value luxury and comfort, our fiberglass pool is a perfect solution that will transform your garden into a stylish and functional relaxation spot. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who are already enjoying the beauty and quality of our polyester pools today!

Non slippery 3D surface

Stairs in a small garden pool are not only an aesthetic addition, but above all a functional element ensuring ergonomics during use. They facilitate easy and safe entry into the water, making the pool user-friendly for all ages. Additionally, their unique and durable non-slip surface guarantees the highest level of safety and comfort when using the pool.

Find Your own dream polyester pool, that fits perfect to Your home and garden

True luxury within your reach! Invest in our exclusive polyester garden pool that combines luxury with durability. Enjoy moments of relaxation and fun in your own backyard. Our polyester pools offer not only relaxation but also unmatched elegance that will enhance the value of any home. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and the highest quality for many years to come!

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Complete equipment for Your fiberglass pool

Our offer includes a full range of pool equipment that guarantees the highest level of comfort and functionality for your own dream pool. Ensure the best conditions for relaxation and leisure for your and your family.

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Professional pool covers

In our offer you will find a wide range of the best pool covers on the market. Using a pool cover is a practical solution that enhances the comfort of using the pool, reduces its maintenance costs and ensures complete safety for its users.

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